13-Mar-20 17:01

PHE Champions and Youth SRH advocate Chepkurui Milka

I was a worried girl, afraid, I felt more vulnerable, not sure what to do next. At the age of 14 years, in grade 6 and pregnant was not a state that I ever expected. It seemed the end of my education career, the end of my future aspirations, and the end of my usual happy interactions with my family and playful moments with my friends. I was a devastated girl

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13-Mar-20 15:26

Raising Awareness, Knowledge, and Information on Population Health and Environment among Adolescents and Youths.

Adolescents and youths, particularly the girls in Kuresoi South and North Sub-Counties in Nakuru County have more pronounced challenges ranging from health, economic, environmental, sanitation and hygiene, yet more than half (56%) of the total population in the County is below 25 years.

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13-Mar-20 15:01

#PHE Youth Champions #SRH advocate #Gender Champion #PHE Youth Groups

Youths Soitaran Village, Kuresoi South lacked mentors, had minimal access to information and services about their wellbeing. I was inspired by the PHE activities done by Soitaran Youths through Agrivijana Youth group.

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13-Mar-20 14:38

#FP Voice #PHE Youth Champion # Long-term Contraceptive Advocate #PHE Implementor #MCH youth Champion

I made the right decision to take control of my life by using my preferred contraceptive option. Youth friendly sexual reproductive health education was rare in my village. Like many other villages, many girls do not get to complete secondary school or even get to college education.

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15-Jan-20 06:11

Every women counts: Campaign to increase access to services

A new campaign aims to ensure over 31,600 pregnant women and mothers get quality maternal and child health services in close to 200 facilities in Baringo and Nakuru counties in the next three months.

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17-Dec-19 07:23

Exchange visit offers practical lessons for Champions of health and conservation

Exchange visits are an important way to learn. They expose participants to new ideas and practical ways of solving common problems. Through such visits relationships are forged and networks strengthened, helping to drive sustained social change. Afya Uzazi Nakuru-Baringo Program values such practical approaches to learning. Exposure visits and peer learning are central to Afya Uzazi’s Population, Health and Environment (PHE) interventions.

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