Promoting Respectful Maternity Care Resource Package – Participant’s Guide

This training includes activities and materials that advance a specific agenda: to promote increased support, advocacy, and provision of high-quality, woman-centered maternity care. These changes are not likely to occur immediately after one workshop; they may be incremental. It takes a hands-on approach to empower service providers, communities, and policymakers with the knowledge and skills to tackle disrespect and abuse during childbirth. ...Read More

National Guidelines for Identification and Referral of Children with Disabilities and Special Needs 2010

These guidelines target health managers, social workers, special education teachers and rehabilitation workers who care for children with disabilities and special needs. These guidelines are also useful for students, lecturers in the health sector and teachers in learning and training institutions. ...Read More

Policy Guidelines for Management of Diarrhoea in Children below 5 Years in Kenya 2014

These policy guidelines will inform the process of joint annual planning for control and management of diarrhoeal diseases in children below 5 years in Kenya. The strategies targeted for implementation are capacity building, strengthening health systems and empowering families and communities to take charge in the prevention and management of diarrhoeal diseases. ...Read More

Mother and Child Health Handbook

This MCH Handbook is to be used during pregnancy, child birth and after child birth until the child is 5 years old. It contains mother and child’s history before the child’s birth until 5 years of age – specifically, ANC, delivery, postnatal care and child monitoring. This handbook aims to protect the life of mother and child, and to promote a healthy mother, child and family. ...Read More

Changes in household well-being and resilience

"Changes in household well-being and resilience: The role of population, family planning and reproductive health in the Tuungane project” is a synopsis that summarizes findings from a study of the first four years of The Nature Conservancy and Pathfinder International’s Tuungane integrated population, health and environment (PHE) project in Tanzania ...Read More

*NEW* Learning Resource Package: Skills Update for Contraceptive Implant Side Effect Management and Removal

The goal of this “Skills Update for Contraceptive Implant Side Effect Management and Removal” is to update current contraceptive implant providers on the skills for implant side effect management and removal. This course relevant for all types of implant products, including Implanon, Implanon NXT/Nexplanon, Jadelle, and Levoplant. The course includes three manuals – Facilitator Guide, Learner Workbook, and Implementation Guide. ...Read More

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