Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Baringo County – Fact sheet

Developed by MOH, AFIDEP and NORAD, this fact sheet contains data on adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Baringo County ...Read More


The development of the Guidelines for Evidence Use in Policy-Making has been made possible through the leadership of the MoH through the Health Research & Development Division in collaboration with various partners and stakeholders. Specifically, the MoH would like to acknowledge the leadership of the Cabinet Secretary and the technical guidance of the Director of Medical Services in the development of these Guidelines ...Read More

Nakuru County Health at a Glance

Developed by the Health Policy project, this fact sheet contains a summary of key population and health indicators for Nakuru County. The report presents indicators on population, nutrition, child health, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health personnel and health facilities. ...Read More

Nakuru County HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2015- 2019

HIV remains the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Nakuru county, hence the need for concerted efforts in reversing the trend. Developed by Nakuru County Department of Health Services and the National AIDS Control Council, this strategic plan provides direction on the implementation, coordination and monitoring of HIV prevention, care and treatment services in Nakuru. ...Read More

Lessons in Urban Community Led Total Sanitation from Nakuru, Kenya 2015

This report documents experiences and lessons learned in a community-led total sanitation (CLTS) project, Realizing Rights to Total Sanitation, that Practical Action and Umande Trust implemented in two low-income settlements in Nakuru. The organizations adapted CLTS methodology to meet the challenges of the urban context. ...Read More

2015 Kenya National Adolescents and Youth Survey (NAYS)

This report presents Baringo County profile based on the findings of the 2015 National Adolescents and Youth Survey conducted by the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) in conjunction with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Youth Department, KNBS and various department partners. ...Read More

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10-Apr-20 06:04

Plan well for delivery

The expression ‘once bitten, twice shy’ aptly describes the conditions surrounding the birth of the last two of Mercy Bole’s three children.

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10-Apr-20 06:16

Improving quality of care during childbirth

Over the past three years, USAID’s Afya Uzazi has been working with Baringo and Nakuru counties to improve the quality and experience of the care that mothers and newborns receive around the time of childbirth.

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