Afya Uzazi Quarterly Newsletter August 2020

In this newsletter, read about Afya Uzazi working with the county and other partners to create awareness about prevention of COVID-19 and ensure people to continue to get health services. Other stories focus on how how population, health and environment (PHE) interventions are empowering communities to improve their welfare, and on efforts to mainstream gender in programs ...Read More

Public health officers and community leaders trained on COVID-19 prevention and mitigation

Over 200 frontline health workers, community volunteers and local leaders have been given basic training on COVID-19 prevention in Nakuru County in a series of one-day sensitizations meetings held in 5 sub-counties. ...Read More

Integrating Menstrual Hygiene Management into school health interventions

This brief highlights Afya Uzazi work implementing menstrual hygiene management as an integrated component under the comprehensive school health program in Nakuru and Baringo counties. ...Read More

Afya Uzazi Newsletter March 2020

A campaign by Afya Uzazi and counties aims to ensure over 30,000 pregnant women and mothers get quality maternal and child health services in close to 200 facilities in Baringo and Nakuru by the end of the year. ...Read More

Afya Uzazi Quarterly Newsletter October 2019

In this issue, read about: • Chiefs wearing a new hat as they lead campaign for the benefit of mothers and children • Local mobile SMS solution to encourage women to attend clinics • My sister’s keeper: Heroines who empower adolescent mothers ...Read More

Afya Uzazi Quarterly Newsletter April-June 2019

Proceedings of the 2019 USAID Family Health Symposium are on the Afya Uzazi website via this link: The repository includes the symposium report, video recordings of sessions, abstracts, posters and photo gallery. ...Read More

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News & Updates

18-Mar-21 14:43

Project learning events showcase innovations

Afya Uzazi presented project experiences, innovations and lessons learned at a webinar organized by FHI 360, the implementing agency, for a global audience on March 17th 2021.

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17-Feb-21 09:57

Ensuring mothers access services during COVID-19

It is a sunny morning, a welcome break from the chill and incessant rain common in Kuresoi South area of Nakuru County. In a homestead in Tinet village, two masked women are seated on stools placed about two meters apart.

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