Kenya’s health system relies on community health volunteers (CHVs) who form an integral component of the Community Health Strategy to complement and strengthen provision of primary healthcare. CHVs’ role entails health promotion through provision of health messages and specific health services at the community and household levels. Despite their important role to improve care access, CHVs’ performance has been influenced by multiple factors, including low motivation, leading to high attrition
rates. High CHV attrition is considered one reason for low performance of maternal and child health indicators in the Afya Uzazi project sub-counties; thus, the Afya Uzazi Program initiated the Inua Jamii model, an approach that empowers CHVs to become health entrepreneurs, while providing householdlevel services to children under five years and expectant mothers in Kuresoi South, Nakuru County.

Inua Jamii Model: Afya Uzazi’s innovative approach

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18-Mar-21 14:43

Project learning events showcase innovations

Afya Uzazi presented project experiences, innovations and lessons learned at a webinar organized by FHI 360, the implementing agency, for a global audience on March 17th 2021.

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17-Feb-21 09:57

Ensuring mothers access services during COVID-19

It is a sunny morning, a welcome break from the chill and incessant rain common in Kuresoi South area of Nakuru County. In a homestead in Tinet village, two masked women are seated on stools placed about two meters apart.

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