Friday Events

Location: Nakuru and Baringo

Date Time: Nov 27 07:49AM - Nov 27 02:49PM

Date Purpose of the visit(Activities) Sub county Facility Responsible Person Departure Return
FRIDAY 27th November 2020 Distribution of Tools, Binti Shujaa review meeting and report collection Kuresoi North  Jogoo and Total Dispensary Samuel 8.00am 4.00pm
PHE follow up  Remote working Remote working Esemere  8.00am 4.00pm
Report Writing Remote working Remote working Mildred  8.00am 4.00pm
      Amos 8.00am 4.00pm
Facility activity Remote working Remote working Adipo 8.00am 4.00pm
Facility activity Remote working   Eliza  8.00am 4.00pm
QI/QA Activity Remote working   Gladys  8.00am 4.00pm
      Abuga 8.00am 4.00pm
      Jenifer 8.00am  4.00pm
MERL Kuresoi North Total Disp Billy  8.00am 4.00pm
WASH Follow-ups Naivasha   Benjamin  8.00am 4.00pm
        8.00am 4.00pm