Friday Events

Location: Nakuru and Baringo

Date Time: Sep 18 07:44AM - Sep 18 04:30PM

Date Purpose of the visit(Activities) Sub county Facility Responsible Person Additional Support/TA required Departure Return
FRIDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER 2020 Youth Activities Nakuru Office  Nakuru Office  Samuel   8.00am 4.00pm
COVID-19  Nakuru Office  Nakuru Office  Esemere  none  8.00am 4.00pm
Report Writing Remote Working Remote Working Mildred    8.00am 4.00pm
      Faith   8.00am 4.00pm
Mentorship kuresoi north Molo South  disp Adipo   8.00am 4.00pm
Facility Activity Remote Working Remote Working Elizabeth    8.00am 4.00pm
      Gladys    8.00am 4.00pm
2 pager development Nakuru Remote Working Abuga   8.00am 4.00pm
data Followup  kuresoi north Molo South  disp Billy    8.00am 4.00pm
waSH  Nakuru   Benjamin    8.00am 4.00pm
Nutrition Kuresoi South Tinnet CU- Tinet dispensary Esther Hilda 8.00am 4.00pm
Date Departure (time) Return (time) Purpose of the visit (activity) Departure Point Responsible person Subcounty Facility/ community name Remarks (Additional Passenger/TA) Vehicle (list by driver or registration)
7.30am 1:00pm Trabvel back to Kabarnet (Work station) KBT James Nakuru Kabarnet Office   Muchiri
7.30am 1:00pm Commodities Security Support supervision KBT Benard Omari B.North Baringoi North Fuel MOH vehicle MOH Vehicle
8:00 am 12:00non Accelerated MNCH activities/GANC/LAMP/FANC/HMIS mentorship/CSE support KBT Violet/Gladys Kiura/ Caroline/Eric Odipo Mogotio Molosirwe/Emining/ Emining,Ngendalel   Bedwel
7.30am 1:00pm HMIS mentorship KBT Saul B.North Yatya,Rondonin,Rebeko I MOH Teeka
8:00 am 12:00non Follow up mapped pregnant women KBT Kizito B.Central Seretunin Bedwel to drop in the morning and Muchiri to pick at noon. BedwelMuchiri