Tuesday Events

Date Time: Jun 16 07:14AM - Jun 16 04:14PM

Baringo Team - Activity Transport Request  - 15th to 19th June 2020
Date Departure (time) Return (time) Purpose of the visit (activity) Departure Point Responsible person Subcounty Facility/ community name
7.30am 4:30pm  Mentorship on Commodity mgt & pharmacovigilance /Accelerated MNCH activities; Weekly reports data verification; MPDSR-BCRH/GANC Kbt Benard Omari/ Violet/ Gladys Kiura/Beatrice Akeyo/1 MOH B.Central  BCRH /Kituro/Seretunin/Talai/Kisonei & Mogorwa
7.30am 4:30pm Roll out of SMS reminders & HMIS mentorship Kbt Saul/Eric/Mary/Gladys Mutinda Marigat Marigat SCH.Marigat PHC,Kimalel
7.30am 4:30pm Meeting with SCHMT Marigat/Accelerated MNCH activities & MDT mentorship/DQA & Mentorship/Binti shujaa/Documentation PHC Kbt Irene//James/Benard Nyauchi/Caroline Marigat Marigat SCH,Marigat PHC, Illing'arua,Kimalel/Loropil



Kuresoi North & South weekly Transport (15th to 19th June 2020)

Date Identified gaps(If previously done) Purpose of the visit(Activities) Sub county Facility Responsible Person Additional Support/TA required Departure Return  
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Increase access and availability of RMNCAH services  COVID case management training Nakuru East Naivasha/Nakuru West Eliza   8:00 AM 4:00 PM  
Social Mobilization for health services Team leads training on COVID 19 Kuresoi North  Nakuru Mildred   8.00 AM 4:00 PM  
HSS HSS Activites Kuresoi North Ikumbi Dr. Abuga   8.00 AM 4:00 PM  
Population Health&Environment HCW Training/GBV Meeting Nakuru East Various Lilian   8.00 AM 4:00 PM  
WASH Waterpoint Construction Activities Kuresoi North Molo/Kuresoi South (Kaplamboi) Benjamin 2 County staff to be picked from Nakuru 8.00 AM 4:00 PM  
Increase access and availability of RMNCAH services  COVID case management training Naivasha Naivasha/Nakuru West Peter    8.00 AM 4:00 PM  
Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning Data following and Reporting following with FH  Kuresoi North Ikumbi Billy   8.00 AM 4:00 PM