Providing educational opportunities for health practitioners is a key component to improving quality of healthcare. Building HCW competency to a level of excellence and embracing new knowledge can be achieved through in-service training and continuous application of learned skills. In-service training is expensive, and opportunities may only be accessed through donor-supported short residential courses.

eLearning via Mobile: A sustainable approach to updating health workers’ skills

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18-Mar-21 14:43

Project learning events showcase innovations

Afya Uzazi presented project experiences, innovations and lessons learned at a webinar organized by FHI 360, the implementing agency, for a global audience on March 17th 2021.

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17-Feb-21 09:57

Ensuring mothers access services during COVID-19

It is a sunny morning, a welcome break from the chill and incessant rain common in Kuresoi South area of Nakuru County. In a homestead in Tinet village, two masked women are seated on stools placed about two meters apart.

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