Success Stories

Connecting adolescent mothers to health care

Afya Uzazi the Binti Shujaa (My Sister’s Keeper) mentor-mother intervention trained young mothers aged 19-24 years to become peer mentors and support adolescent girls who are pregnant or have young children. Binti Shujaa mentors provided health information and life skills training. They referred adolescents to health facilities for care and supported them through their pregnancy.

Nelly’s story

Jenty became a mother when she was 16 years old while in Form Two. She dropped out of school and stayed at home for two years to care for the baby.

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My sister’s keeper: Binti Shujaa protecting health of adolescent mothers

When Esther, a teenager, was devasted when she found out that she was pregnant. She isolated herself at home. Veronica, a Binti Shujaa mentor, used her own experience as helped her overcome self-stigma.

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Volunteer mentors link adolescent mothers to health services

Teenage pregnancy is a major health challenge in Baringo County. Girls who get pregnant in their teens face numerous challenges. Rejection by family and friends pushes some of them into depression.

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