Communities Mark World Biodiversity Day

published on Friday 24th of May 2019 12:25:45 PM

Communities mark World biodiversity Day

USAID’s Afya Uzazi and local communities joined this year’s global celebrations to mark World Biodiversity Day. The day’s theme - “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health” – resonates with the focus of the project’s integrated population, health and environment (PHE) activities. PHE promotes actions to ensure the wholesome wellbeing of individuals, families and communities by promoting activities that promote access to health information and services, nutrition, livelihoods and environmental conservation. These activities are done through local champions, community groups and school clubs.

The project reaches young people with integrated health and conservation messages, while ensuring they are involved in planting indigenous trees and linked to adolescent reproductive health information and services. Afya Uzazi village PHE networks comprise representation of community-based organizations, PHE champions, school health and tree conservation clubs, community health committees, Nyumba Kumi leaders, local administrators, community volunteers, public health officials, environment, agriculture, forestry and water sector officials and youths. 

The climax of World Biodiversity celebrations was a community meeting at Kapsembeiywa, a community on the fridges of the Mau Forest range, a biodiversity hotspot.The local community, including school children, and visitors planted over 200 indigenous tree seedlings.

The local community pledged to:

  1. Continue to hold community-based trainings, awareness creation and continuous engagement of integrated practices linked to food, health and environmental conservation.
  2. Plan more indigenous trees ensuring 10% farm is under trees.
  3. Ensure an environment that protects that protects youth and addresses gender issues
  4. Promote adolescent and youth access to reproductive health and information


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